The Child Support Hustle Team at the Block Party for Peace Town Hall in Memphis, Tennessee

The Child Support Hustle Team was invited to participate in a child support town hall in Memphis, TN. We were invited by State Representative Antonio Parkinson (D-98). Representative Parkinson is responsible for spearheading recently passed legislation that only allows child support to be retroactively calculated for five years. Until he introduced this new bill and fought for change, a parent (some non-parents) could be held responsible for 18 plus years of child support retroactively starting from the birth of the child. In addition to the members of The Child Support Hustle Team (Marcus J. Echols and Kenya N. Rahmaan), also attending the town hall were officials from the Shelby County Department of Jobs and Family Services and Child Support Enforcement Agency, a representative from one of the largest private child support collection agencies, Maximus, and a gubernatorial candidate for the state of Tennessee. There were often heated discussions on the panel as well as from the audience while valuable information was shared throughout the duration of the town hall and afterwards. We look forward to attending and hosting more town halls across the nation. Remember, they can ignore one, they can ignore hundreds, but they cannot ignore thousands!