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About Kenya N. Rahmaan

Carnell Alexander, Kenya N. Rahmaan, and Marcus J. Echols Moulton, Alabama The Child Support Hustle Town Hall (2019)

Kenya N. Rahmaan is the author of The Child Support Hustle (N.K. Clark) and the Founder of The Reform Child Support NOW! Movement. Kenya began her writing career in 2007. She specializes in child support guidelines and regulations. Kenya is a disabled Veteran of the United States Army. She earned an Associate’s Degree in Small Business Management from Columbus State Community College, a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Franklin University in her hometown, Columbus, Ohio. Kenya is a member on The Board of Advisors for the documentary “Erasing Family’, directed by Ginger Gentile. She is the co-host on The Child Support Hustle radio show with Marcus J. Echols. She has reviewed and written changes to ‘The Paternity Act Bill’, which was introduced by Former Michigan State Representative, Jim Runestad (R-44) in 2016. Kenya has authored several articles which, along with The Child Support Hustle, have been cited in numerous published writings. These published writings include the book, ‘Bullied to Death, Chris Mackney Kafkaesque Divorce,’ written by Michael Volpe. Kenya has been a member of panels discussing child support issues and produces videos explaining child support situations in order to assist non-custodial parents with their child support cases. Currently, The Child Support Hustle Team is working on writing and presenting legislation to politicians in every state that will abolish the use of debtor prisons for punishment against low-income/poor parents allegedly owing child support debt that they cannot afford to pay. She plans on continuing the fight for child support reform and for the abolition of debtor prisons.  Kenya spoke at the Parent March on Washington on May 2, 2019, hosted by Dr. Leon Koziol, of the Parenting Rights Institute.  Kenya N. Rahmaan currently resides in Austin, Texas.