August 2014 - The Child Support Hustle®
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Child Support and Credit Scores

As penalties and punishments for nonpayment of child support becomes more commonly known, it is important to discuss credit scores as they relate to child support delinquencies. The government can and will do everything in its power to discredit a person in regards to collecting child support from parents. This includes posting most wanted billboards […]

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The Deadbeat Parents Punishments Act

In an effort to combat alleged abuses to the welfare system, the U.S. government launched a welfare recovery system.  The system, known today as the Child Support Enforcement Agency, was revamped in 1998 courtesy of former President Bill Clinton.  According to (1998), the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act entails felony punishment for a parent who […]

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Prison Sentences for Unpaid Child Support

As research leads the path to discovery of new information, certain old information will always remain fresh.  The brain has a distinct way of sorting through what one feels in unforgettable information and data that is easily forgotten.  Prison sentencing for parents convicted of ‘willful’ failure to pay child support is one that remains both […]

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