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Prosecutor Wesley Bell Supported by The SCOTUS in Child Support Decision

(Prosecutor Wesley Bell Photo: VoteWesleyBell.com) Kenya N.Rahmaan The incoming prosecutor in St. Louis, County, Missouri, Wesley Bell, made headlines during this past month as he declared that he would stop prosecuting child support cases. This decision was described in more detail from Monique Judge of The Root (2019) who wrote that according to Prosecutor Bell, […]

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Non-Custodial Parents Work for Nothing Every Day

By:  Kenya N. Rahmaan That is the expected response from any person with the responsibility to provide for not only themselves but for others, especially for their children.  While the angst increases over the government employees who may be unable to pay their monthly bills, non-custodial parents continue to be ignored when child support garnishments […]

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Ohio Child Support Law- New or Old and Recycled

Written by: Kenya N. Rahmaan Ohio is the first state in the country to pass legislation to change the laws of the child support system, along with the welfare system, enacted under Former President Bill Clinton over two decades ago. This may surprise some, however, it doesn’t surprise those aware that Ohio was the pilot […]

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