N.K. Clark

On the surface veteran Torrey Eubaire seems to be just like many other former Navy sailor and divorced father.  As a disabled vet some days are admittedly a physical struggle.  However, there is a more mental and financial burden that has an ever tightening grip on Torrey.  The ever-tightening choke hold he faces is the unrelenting child support enforcement punishments that is the result of a divorce which left him legally named father to a boy that he could not have possibly helped create.  Why?  He was overseas at the time of conception and delivery of the now 13 year old boy.  The reason?  Based on the laws in many states, including Texas and Louisiana (states holding the Eubaire child support order), marriage automatically means that the husband is the legal father to any child born during the years of matrimony.  According to the Texas Attorney General’s website, when a baby is born to married parents, the law automatically recognizes two legal parents-husband and wife.  This would be acceptable in Torrey’s case except he was deployed to another country.  Short of Immaculate Conception, there is no way that Torrey Eubaire fathered the child in question.

Over the years, this man has been subjected to all of the punishments inflicted upon alleged ‘deadbeat’ dads.  His license has been suspended numerous times and he has  been arrested several times and has actually served several months in prison because of non-payment of support. During one of those prison stays, he lost a teaching job at ITT; one that he has been unable to return to upon his release and even after several attempts were made for reemployment.  As an advocate for child support reform, I have filed a complaint with the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement or OCSE in Washington D.C. on behalf of Mr. Eubaire, pleading to have his case terminated due to paternity fraud.  Unfortunately, paternity rescission in Texas and many other states is almost impossible after the allotted amount of time has elapsed after a case has been opened.  If a child’s mother is married to a man other than the biological father at the time of birth or work in 300 days of the ending of a marriage, the (ex)husband is presumed to be the legal father, (The Texas Attorney General).  It doesn’t seem to make a difference that Torrey was defending his country as this situation began to unfold.  This can be proven by responses from the OCSE after the most recent complaint filed.

In their response to our latest complaint, Torrey was told that ‘the Office of Attorney General and the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement do not represent individuals’ (personal communication, April 16, 2015.  Why then, is there a complaint page on the OCSE designed to assist complainants with issues with the local child support offices?  In fact, the website specifically states that, if your problem does not get solved at the state level. ‘Please contact the federal OCSE’, (OCSE, 2015).  This proves that the respondent is not following the intended purpose of the federal office.  The respondent advises Torrey further by stating that ‘if you believe the child in question is not yours and want to pursue this, you will need to get an attorney’ (personal communication, April 16, 2015).  If the task of resolving this issues is not possible, why would the office tell anyone to hire a costly attorney to help with the complaint?  Easy.  It is all about the money.  Not to mention the hiring of an attorney impossible for Torrey considering that he is disabled, unemployed, and fighting severe depression largely based on this circumstance.  There has not even been a mention of the small amounts of money that Torrey does receive in income tax refunds, like the most recent $60 and $350 from state and federal refunds respectively, were snatched by the government in order to repay a whopping $55,000 he allegedly owed in child support debt.

The government agencies that have been tasked to regulate the state child support agencies are abandoning parents that need help with their cases.  Recently, men like Carnell Alexander of Michigan, Willie Carson of Texas, more recently, Randall Smith of North Carolina, have made national headlines as being victims of paternity fraud.  This is but a small number of men who have chosen to fight back against the injustices that are being executed against them for simply being named as the father by the mothers of these children.  The child support system is wrought with bias and unfair laws targeting men that are actually biological fathers.  The fact that non-biological fathers are forced to endure the same punishments associated with failing to pay child support should outrage anybody when they are made aware of these victims of paternity fraud. It is not enough that the system operates as extortionists, demanding money in exchange for freedom and holding licenses hostage until a ransom is paid when child support payments are not current.

Men who have done nothing, outside of having sex, are being humiliated, criminalized, and hunted with the same vigor and tenacity that is used when pursuing actual delinquent biological parents.  While we fight for reform, men that have not fathered children, need to be granted access to free paternity testing, whenever such a test is requested.  As soon as the test reveals that the man is ‘not the father’, every enforcement tactic, including the actual child support order, associated arrest records, and negative credit reporting, should be eliminated with the states’ sincere apologies.  If there is any money owed to the state for testing, fines, child support, interest, and penalties, the responsibility for repayment should be shifted to the mother.  We need to end the paternity fraud epidemic so that men like Torrey do not lose their basic human rights while being treated like a ‘deadbeat’ dad.  Forcing women to face the same financial repercussions and punishments as those that men face in this child support system may prevent future cases of paternity fraud.  The burden that falls on the shoulders of men should either be carried by both women and men, or be completely eliminated.  The child support system is unconstitutional in so many areas.  Forcing men like Torrey to endure child support enforcement punishments when they are not actual fathers constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.
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Torrey Eubaire
05/17/2015 3:06pm

Thank you

05/17/2015 5:24pm

Thank you for allowing me to tell your story. Good luck to you! Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

05/18/2015 4:57pm

Please keep up the good work with your website. People should be aware that the crooked system that operated under the guise of America is stealing our money and holding our children at ransom.

05/18/2015 7:32pm

Thank you for you encouraging words. I plan on exposing this system until we get reform to this unconstitutional child support system. We, as parents, and our children deserve better. Thank you for your comment.

shawon eubaire
05/26/2015 11:00pm

Mr. Eubaire should be a man ...he ran from his responsibilities..he never went overseas..im his ex-wife..he came in 2007 saw his play mind game with ..he's alway had the opportunity to test our son how ever itwas alway an excuse with him.but if he post anything else i will sue him for defamation of character..im a lady an i alway will be plz dnt be fooled...it will be a bad look for u an all that involved..ask him why he never took the test if he had many opportunities to do so but if your dnt show up 13times .how is that our problem..if u have any questions are need documents. About this case plz contact me ..but understand this im speaking out for my son who he never call but had the number..an address but never showed up jus empty promises..an he's man really!!!!smh

shawon eubaire
05/26/2015 10:44pm

Torrey eubaire ..Why would put something up like that .i have takin care of your son while u choose to abandon your responsibility.i was your wife not a thot..tell the truth about the situation you differently wasn't trick in to any thing...i have givin you many opportunities.plz be a responsible adult.with out your help our son is successful in school an sport ..i feel sorry for you because he a blessed child even without your assistance...aau an scout are looking at your 14old son .. but if your ever say he's not your we are gonna have. A problem..for real..+

Torrey Eubaire
05/27/2015 4:15am

If you wasn't so guilty why would you make threats. Just give me a DNA test that's all I'm asking for. Because i want stop until I get one. I will go to my grave fighting. And you never gave me an opportunity for a test. When I asked you all you kept saying is that that's your child that's your child. Give me a DNA test. And what is funny about this you responded with out your name being. Mentioned or the child name. Remember I was in Texas and dated other women before you. So how do you know its about you unless you are guilty.

shawon Eubaire
05/26/2015 11:12pm

Tell the truth i my have had a record but it was no surprise to you ..we got married the first your with you an u had the military put u in jail for bigamy..the improper use of a government credit card..red wing shoes press charges you had took tjere money..but one thing about i was young making my mistakes..but you keep making the . You just a blk man with an excuse not to be a responsible adult an take care of your son ...building a relationship with him ..i dnt even bother u but if u gonna tell it tell it all son ...lets pull the certains open mr.torry eubaire..an the year er had been married when did u go overseas..

Torrey Eubaire
05/27/2015 3:26am

You need to stop lie shawon Eubaire . And saying and you never gave me an opportunity to take back Dna test. And I have records. And I have witness to that. Just as your play brother . Remember August 4th 2000 to October. You came up with different months you pregnant . Give me a Dna test to prove me wrong. And why o. The divorce papers I can only see the child in Texas with suppervise visitation. You have already made my life a miserable hell. And stop lieing you never gave me a chance for DNA. It's sad how women like you want to be victims. As you lie about everything you did. I wish to God Mitch would have never intrustduce us. And I will keep saying he is not my child until I get a Dna test you think your so dam smart.Tell people about your so call play brother stop lieing Shawon be a real black woman give me a Dna test

Torrey Eubaire
05/27/2015 4:04am

Thanks to you Bahrain was halted. Let's talk about how my commander didn't like you. And told me to divorce you. If I was married to two different women I would have sentenced to mirmare California for years, so stopped that shit And I was cleared of any wrong doing. And as for the government credit card which was in my name, I can show the bill information I was clear that's why I didn't get a bad conduct discharge or a dishonorable . You saying I walked away. How would byou feel when you lied and said you were pregnant with twins for me. And I asked the doctor and he said you were never pregnant. And no one said you tricked me in marriage to you. I wish Mitch would have never introduced me to you. And when your uncle asked me if I'm sure and nobody would be mad if I didn't marry you. And when you said after the club that you wanted a divorce. That was my sign, but I did not and I will say it again take the signs. And why I would post something like this is because I'm not getting justice. I want a DNA test and you never offered to me and when I was working they garnish my checks and still put me in jail for 90 days and my driver license. And can't get a job because its a felony and can't get a place to live and you are living with no problems. Why do I have stipulations on that I have to have suppervised visitation like I'm a cereal rapist or a pedaphiler or I hurt children. And you said you don't bother me. You put me on child support and did not get y chance in court. Just like you didn't come for the divorce process. But they could have given me a Dna test no matter where I was andbi requested one but the judge in Baxter county said no. That I had to appear and no dam well I could not. As for redwing shoes I got an apology for that because I was falsely accused and the man that hired me was doing some things and that is why he couldn't keep anyone and I wasn't the only one who went through it. If you read the blog your name or the child name was not mentioned. Because I'm pointing out what the system is doing as a veteran I wish to God the never sent me Texas when I came back to this God forsaken country. You don't know how I pray every night that my night mairs would end
All I ask for is a DNA. That's all I'm asking for . And I know that the attorney general contacted you because I'm been contacted them to get a DNA. So you can't get mad at this group for posting the truth and trying to get these laws changed. And making DNA a law, that you must have before a judgment is passed and should have no such thing as statue of limitations

05/27/2015 12:03am

Mr. Eubaire reached out to me to write his story. I wrote based on the information that he presented. Nothing will be a 'bad look' for me because I have only written what was provided to me to be written. I did not include any personal information about you or your son. Again, this article was written based on information provided by Mr. Eubaire.

Torrey Eubaire
05/27/2015 3:34am

N.k I have given you the truth. If she wasn't so damn guilty, why would she go through all the trouble to make threats. And when I went to jail and came out I called her, she said she didn't know and when I called Texas they said she was informed. And when I asked the attorney General they said because I could not get to Texas default judgment. And saying i went to jail for being bigotry she I can send you a copy of my DD form 214. So she can come talking about she will make it bd for me she already has . And she can't sue this sight the child name or her name wasn't used. I know the law as well. And tell me if I keep posting she will make it bad for me. I will keep posting until I get a dna test and child support get reformed . And need to drop my family last name

Torrey Eubaire
05/27/2015 4:07am

And as you look at my paper. Your name is no where on it. It just shows what has been done. I can even show when I was working that I was being garnish. What if I said I had a play sister.

Torrey Eubaire
05/27/2015 4:27am

N.K. I my question is how did she know I was talking about her when I did date other women in Texas. And what kills me about this is that her name is no where on the form. And in your blog. It's says the age of a child and not of the child and the mother name is not mentioned. Its something how this blog bring it out. She said she doesn't bother me. What do you call going to jail and loosing your license and not able to get food stamps or have good credit and not knowing if the child is yours. All I ask for is a DNA test, and saying that chances were given. No they were not even the navy sent information to the court to help me. And the attorney has said they have the information. When I asked about a DNA test she said that your child he looks like you he has this for you. How can you go off of looks. And he does not. All I want is a DNA test that's all I'm asking for.

05/27/2015 8:33am

Torrey, I support you and your fight for justice. I specifically left out names for this very reason. The fight for reform will not be easy but it is a necessary fight. Having said that, I will continue to write about men like you and anyone else who feels that they have been or are being wronged by this unconstitutional child support system. Thank you!!

05/27/2015 10:14pm

I feel bad for this brother. I know what he is going through because it happened to me and I am still paying for the children ages 19 and 24. The 24 year old is not mine according to the DNA, mother, and the court. And the younger child's mother will not let me get DNA from her, so I am about 100% sure the second child is not mine either. It is a shame these kids will not ever know their real dad, and their mother deprived them any kind of real family life. I wish you luck. This system is sinister and our government needs to change the laws to be family or at least child friendly. Just think over the years history have proved that government have done many mean things to their citizens: gas chambers, New Deal, but now they working us to death and taking all of our money. Egyptians would work their slaves until they died and then throw their slaves bodies in a great big pile of burning bodies. I don't think America will come to this, but we have more people incarcerated, homeless veterans, and worthless healthcare, so what do you think is next. We need to stand together and change this system to the good for our families. Do it for the kids!

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