N.K. Clark


March 12, 2014


In states like Ohio, a radar has been placed on citizens that have failed to repay debt owed to the taxpayers of the Buckeye State.  In cases where restitution is court ordered, there seems to be a lack of urgency that is present when Ohio pursues parents that become delinquent on child support payments. Considering that $14 million is owed by debtors who live in Central Ohio who were involved in improper use of public money in the area, (Paul Aker, 2014).  It is public knowledge that a court order for arrest, income tax seizures, property liens, and money other enforcements may be used in pursuit of debt less than $14 million.


It is the law in Ohio that indictment considerations for child support require several factors be met which includes that the payer has missed at least 26 out of 104 weeks of payments.  The payer also must exceed $5,000 in the amount of debt owed.  Based on these two rules alone, there should be no reason that fathers should have their photo on most wanted posters for owing $3,765.18 or $3,773.94 in Butler and Franklin Counties respectively.  These counties are clearly rewriting and changing laws created by their own legislation. 


It is not clear why it is nearly impossible to have arrears erased except for the need for states to keep citizens in life long debt when it comes to child support debt.  According to Cornell University Law School, if the court determines that the defendant does not have the ability to pay interest, the court may:


a.      waive the requirement for interest

b.     limit the total of interest payable to a specific amount

c.      limit the length to the period during which interest accrues


It is clearly much more involved and almost never granted when pursuing an excused arrears judgment.  There has always been the argument of bias between men and women related to child support.  But Ohio is proving a bias relating to criminally charged public officials owing restitution and parents that may be down on their luck.



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