N.K. Clark

February 22, 2014

One of the most disturbing problems within the child support hustle and culture is how many women scream "child support" while their baby is still in their womb.  Before the billion dollar child support system was made so significant in our country, women seemed more concerned about delivering a happy and healthy baby.  With the celebrity from talk shows and court room dramas, a disturbing trend has been activated and we need a kill switch ASAP.   Our society has been brainwashed into believing that child support is the only option available for parents who have children out of wedlock or become divorced. 

There is such thing as agreeing to co-parent without any court involvement.  It's called being a responsible parent for the life one has chosen to bring into the world.  In some cases court may be the only option in order to peaceably co-manage raising a child.  However, if child support is being discussed and threatened even before the child is born, the chances of a peaceful relationship are slim.  Child support was designed to punish fathers who abandon their families and purposely denied financial support.  Because of a dangerous spin by the government, it has become a chokehold on fathers (and some mothers) and a detriment to children.

For those personal reasons, I detest the screams of child support by women that have not even looked into the eyes of their new blessing.  Babies are not paychecks or guaranteed rights to ridiculous amounts of child support.  Women that scream child support on the infamous talk shows instead of setting up visitation time with the other parent should forfeit their rights to any financial support from the other parent.  There are many loving and caring mothers in the world that do not yell child support demands and chose to provide for their children without any government assistance.  These mothers are in emergency rooms, classrooms, and any other room for their children and do not ask for a dime.  To these mothers, I salute you.



erika rahmaan
02/27/2014 8:11pm

Well said!

N.K. Clark
03/25/2014 10:31am

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