December 2019 - The Child Support Hustle®
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Child Support Enforcement and The Common Law Theory

By:  Kenya N. Rahmaan The child support system is one that sparks controversy.  No matter what the setting, there will undoubtedly be several opinions, some facts, heightened emotions, and maybe, and sadly, violence.  There are many unanswered questions that people ask about the child support system, as to its legality and constitutionality.   This concerning everything […]

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“Have You Heard of This?”

The child support system changed when the welfare system was ‘reformed’ in the late 1990s.  With the support of both major parties, Former President Bill Clinton was able to pass The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA), which according to many government officials, would change welfare ‘as we know it’ in the United […]

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