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Waiving Child Support Arrears is Mission Impossible

There are currently 29 states that have official child support debt compromise programs as part of their child support programs.  There are other states that claim that they decide on debt compromise based on individual cases and situations. Although these programs could offer some sense of relief to parents that owe large amounts of arrears, […]

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The New Texas Child Support Law  

The charges against Houston father, Clifford Hall, are quite disturbing especially when accompanied with the fact that was that he actually spent time behind bars.  Mr. Hall became a trending topic last year when headlines screamed about a father in jail for spending too much time and paying too much child support to his son. […]

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Civil Servants Ruling on Child Support Issues

The state of Ohio, along with every other state, mandates certain criteria be met before permanently assigned arrears can be waived.  According to the Ohio Department Job and Family Services or ODJFS, the director or administrator of the child support enforcement agency (CSEA) may elect to accept a request or compromise permanently assigned arrears.  Problems […]

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